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Mz Ultimate Cleaner is a program to wipe out unnecessary from your PC
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Mz Ultimate Cleaner is a program to wipe out unnecessary and junk files from your PC. By using this program, you will be able to enhance your PC's performance, reliability and stability, while freeing up valuable disk space.

You can set the following criteria: which drives you want to scan in search for junk files, the file extensions belonging to junk files, whether to move the junk files to the recycle bin or to delete them permanently, and if you want to clean traces of your Internet activities too (such as cookies, temporary files, history, passwords or form data) or other traces (such as Media Player recent list, DNS cache, Windows recently used files). The program can also be configured to empty the Recycle Bin when you run it.

Once you run the program, before defining your options (or leaving them as they are by default), you can begin the scanning process, that can take up to five minutes for each hard drive. Once Mz Ultimate Cleaner finishes scanning your drives, it will display a list with the found files. You can then choose what to keep, and what to delete.

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